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file001 Christianity in Talmud and Midrash (R T Herford).pdf2017-07-23 19:0915952 KB
file002 Chapters on Jewish Literature (Israel Abrahams).pdf2017-07-23 19:09812 KB
file003 Maccabees, Zealots and Josephus (W R Farmer).pdf2017-07-23 19:0919031 KB
file004 Legends of the Jews (Louis Ginzberg).pdf2017-07-23 19:092036 KB
file005 The Jewish State (Theodor Herzl).pdf2017-07-23 19:09271 KB
file006 The History of Israel in Maps (Internet compilation).pdf2017-07-23 19:091558 KB
file007 The Guide for the Perplexed (Moses Maimonides).pdf2017-07-23 19:091541 KB
file008 Christ in Islam (Rev James Robson).pdf2017-07-23 19:09219 KB
file009 History of the Waldenses (J A Wylie).pdf2017-07-23 19:09288 KB
file010 What do I learn from Scripture (J N Darby).pdf2017-07-23 19:09173 KB
file011 Inspiration in Scriptures (B H Carroll).pdf2017-07-23 19:0928 KB
file012 Missionary Travels (Doctor David Livingstone).exe2017-07-23 19:092052 KB
file013 Number in Scripture (E W Bullinger).pdf2017-07-23 19:09793 KB
file014 The Bible, Koran and the Talmud (Dr G Weil).pdf2017-07-23 19:09450 KB
file015 The Book of Martyrs (John Fox).pdf2017-07-23 19:09801 KB
file016 Pagan and Christian Creeds.lit2017-07-23 19:09232 KB