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file001 The Pacific Centre Exibit.pdf2017-07-23 19:09354 KB
file002 Qumran Scriptorium.jpg2017-07-23 19:093173 KB
file003 SCROLL1.JPG2017-07-23 19:0917 KB
file004 SCROLL 2.JPG2017-07-23 19:0917 KB
file005 SCROLL3.JPG2017-07-23 19:0914 KB
file006 Coin found at Qumran (pic of Hercules).JPG2017-07-23 19:0922 KB
file007 Comb found at Qumran.jpg2017-07-23 19:0935 KB
file008 Cooking vessels & Jar found at Qumran.JPG2017-07-23 19:0926 KB
file009 Dead Sea Scrolls display.JPG2017-07-23 19:0982 KB
file010 Exodus fragment.jpg2017-07-23 19:09176 KB
file011 Jars used to store scrolls.JPG2017-07-23 19:0915 KB
file012 Khirbet Qumran.jpg2017-07-23 19:0933 KB
file013 Plates & Bowls found at Qumran.JPG2017-07-23 19:0913 KB
file014 Community rule fragment.jpg2017-07-23 19:0929 KB
file015 Fragment of Psalms.jpg2017-07-23 19:09237 KB
file016 Roman Shekel (found at Qumran).JPG2017-07-23 19:0921 KB
file017 The Qumran Site (Artists impression).jpg2017-07-23 19:09534 KB
file018 Wadi Qumran.jpg2017-07-23 19:0931 KB
file019 War (sectarian writing).jpg2017-07-23 19:0996 KB
file020 Fragment of Leviticus.jpg2017-07-23 19:09174 KB
fileThumbs.db2017-07-23 19:0960 KB